Spanish cover…

Spanish cover for This is a Love Story

Spanish cover for This is a Love Story

One of the great things about having your books published is seeing the cover art.

It’s like waiting for Christmas, and when it finally happens it still doesn’t feel real!

If your book is published in more than one territory you can end up with several different versions of a book you have written, and it’s fascinating to see how different publishers decide to present your novel.

My experience with This is a Love Story is that each publisher has taken a totally unique approach, from the dreamy romantic packaging used in Portugal (Edicoes ASA) to the modern, quirky feel Germany opted for (Bastei-Lübbe).

Today my Spanish publisher Vergara got in touch to show me the cover for their edition of TIALS, which comes out in January next year.

I think it’s lovely, and oh-so London!

You can check out the covers for other foreign editions over on my Facebook page here.


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