Something a little different…

I was digging through some of my old poetry and stories recently… Amid the cringing and laughter, I found this poem about friendship. I wrote it years ago (I think I was in my late teens if I remember correctly.) I revisited it, and made some tweaks to it. It isn’t about anyone in particular, but I remember at that time being interested in how people and friendships change as they get older. I wanted to create something that started off light and fluffy and then evolved into something different, something darker. It was a great way to experiment with visual imagery… Anyway, it’s certainly not perfect, but I thought it would make a nice change to share this with you …

Friend with the embroidered heart,

Do you remember the colourful past?

Leaving town, tearful cuddles,

Praying the friendship would last.


Do you recall the days of our childhood spent,

Gilding an imaginary lily?

The sweltering heat of summer days,

Drunk with freedom so silly.


In the field we could be anything we wanted,

Or those day trips out to sea.

Tracing a future in the sand,

Our song pure soul reverie.


I remember our cupboard was Narnia,

Yet under the stairs a cave.

Together we would wait there,

For our handsome prince to save.


Giggling breathless, over dinner

Whilst watching the TV.

Blowing bubbles in the milk,

Everything carefree.


The world was ours, all for the taking,

No ambition out of reach.

Summer holidays were a lesson,

Scraped knees a moral to teach.


Movies were captivating beyond the screen,

We became the story.

It was all a magical Disney dream,

Played out in technicolour glory.


My horse’s name was Shimmer,

What was yours again?

To ride off into the sunset,

Our wish when we were ten.


I won’t forget holding your hand,

Whilst standing in the park.

I won’t forget the castle of sand,

As it sank into the dark.


Some nights you couldn’t sleep,

And lay awake just singing.

What you felt was just too deep,

In your ears the pain was ringing.


I never knew it at the time,

But inside you did suffer.

I thought you sang a carefree rhyme,

But it was just you getting tougher.


I miss the days of you and I,

We were the best of friends.

Tracing shapes in the sky,

A precious thing God sends.


How are you now dusky eyed stranger?

Now the glitter has gone.

What happened to fill your heart with danger?

What muffled your youthful song?


From your hands, cigarette smoke,

Masks your Shoreditch smile.

To see you once more makes me choke,

So much has gone awry.


Dark chipped nails wipe your eyes,

Sultry, laden with Rimmel.

A half-way smile, your thin disguise,

Now that you’re a woman.


To me you’re still the beautiful girl,

You always used to be.

And all our precious memories,

they, live on inside me.


Come on old friend, it’s been so long,

But we are still the same,

Let’s go get ice cream with a flake,

And laugh away the pain.


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