Book three and an inspirational writer…

Lately I’ve been hard at work on book three, which will be published by Hodder next year.

I’m really enjoying it, and almost forgot how it felt to be so deep in the writing process having spent the past few months editing and then promoting Three Little Words. It’s fantastic to be fully back in the writing zone, totally obsessed with characters and what they will do next.

I’m already desperate to share it with you, but I’m going to have to be really patient!

N W by Zadie Smith

N W by Zadie Smith

After a few solid hours of writing in Sevenoaks Library today, I went for a little bookshop browse and finally picked up N W by one of my favourite authors – Zadie Smith.

I absolutely adored her debut novel White Teeth, so I’m desperate to get going on this one.

I love the way Zadie describes things, her style of writing really captures my imagination.

So, no prizes for guessing what I will be doing tonight…

It’s less than a fortnight now until Three Little Words launches as an ebook in the UK. I can’t wait to see the redesigned cover for the UK paperback edition, which comes out in August this year. I will share it with you on my blog as soon as I can…


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