Two days… Three Little Words

It’s just two days until Three Little Words comes out as an ebook in the UK, and it feels like hardly any time has passed since my debut novel was about to hit the shelves. 

Books at Hong Kong International Airport

Books at Hong Kong International Airport

The launch party is on Saturday in north London, and everything is pretty much ready… I hope! 

The last week has been spent writing more of book three, and discussing new designs for the UK paperback cover for TLW when it is published in August. 

I was delighted when friends of mine, who are away at the moment, sent me this photo after they spotted Three Little Words at Hong Kong International Airport. Seeing this photo is an amazing feeling, one of the best parts of having your work published so thanks to Emily and Meredith who posted this on my Facebook wall! It was an exciting thing to wake up to.

I want to thank everyone who is supporting me as January 31 approaches, especially some lovely Twitter followers and reviewers. 

Fingers crossed and here goes!



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