Spanish copies of This is a Love Story

Spanish copies of This is a Love Story

Happy Friday everyone. It’s the end of a busy week, and so close to the weekend!

There’s lots of change in my life at the moment, and I’m packing to move house. I will be back to blogging regularly again soon.

Just for an update, I have nearly finished book three and cannot tell you how much I am enjoying it. I’m so close to writing those closing scenes and all the excitement and emotion that brings. I cannot wait to be able to share this one with you next year.

Three Little Words comes out as a paperback in the UK in August this year and we are currently deciding on what the cover will look like… I have seen a couple of drafts and I’m delighted with it. I will be able to post the new cover design on this blog very soon…

A box of Spanish copies of This is a Love Story (pictured) arrived through the post recently though they suffered a slightly convoluted journey because they ended up at two different addresses before reaching me. It was worth the wait though. I love getting foreign editions of my books through the post, it’s such an incredible feeling. Still surreal for me, but it makes me so, so happy.

I will try to keep up the blog and my Twitter etc while I’m juggling boxes and packing.

Catch up with you soon and have a lovely weekend.



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