A blog post I want to share…

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine posted a link to a blog post on Facebook.

I, bored and seeking distraction from my uni work, decided to click on it hoping to be somehow entertained or inspired in my moment of creative fatigue.

Well I was certainly enlightened, and the post has not left me since. I keep telling people about it and I want to let everyone know about it, because I think it’s really special.

It’s called ‘Depression Part Two‘ and it’s on a blog called Hyperbole and a Half.

As you can probably guess, the post is about depression, but it’s one of the most moving, refreshing and actually (somehow?) humorous takes on the subject I’ve ever seen. You may or may not be directly affected by depression, but you most probably know someone who is. It’s a subject that strikes a chord with so many and affects people’s lives no matter where they come from, how old they are, or what they do.

I think everyone should clear some time in their day to check this blog post out. It’s wonderful.

There’s loads of other cool stuff on this blog too. It’s created by someone called Allie Brosh, who I’m sure is probably a genius!

I hope you appreciate this as much as I did. There’s something really special about the web and social media when it can bring comfort to so many people in ways like this.

Do you know of any amazing blogs or posts you can share with me? Please let me know if you do!


2 thoughts on “A blog post I want to share…

  1. Hi Jessica, what a lovely blog post – I am a huge advocate of raising awareness of the importance of mental health. I really like the website tinybuddha.com which allows people to post articles outlining their personal experiences, whether these are simply coping with the stresses of life or managing depression, and the lessons they have learnt as a result. I have contributed a couple of articles there, and if you’re interested in the topic of mental health, I suggest you check this one out: http://tinybuddha.com/blog/getting-to-know-yourself-what-you-like-and-what-you-want-in-life/

    • Hi Jade. I’ve just read your blog post. I think it’s amazing. Admire you so much for your honesty, and what you wrote is really inspiring! Please keep me up to date about your future posts as I really like your writing xx

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