Thank you for sharing your three little words…

@LillyLoveYou4's three little words...

@LillyLoveYou4’s three little words…

Since my publisher launched a Twitter competition to celebrate the UK paperback release of my second book, I’ve been smiling a lot.

And why? Because over 100 of you (wow!) took the time to Tweet the three little words that mean the most to you with the hashtag #ThreeLittleWords.

The entries were wonderful. Some were funny, others were really moving and loads of them were inspirational. If you haven’t seen them yet do have a look on Twitter. I’m sure some of them could inspire creative writing… that might be a really interesting short story writing exercise…

A massive thank you to everyone who took part, and do keep your three little words coming.

Hodder picked the five winners today and announced them on Twitter… They will soon have a copy of my second book ‘Three Little Words’ land on their doormat.

The winners are:

@annelie_rainbow with ‘dream, love, believe’

@sneezycharmed with ‘family is everything’

@jaustenrulesok with ‘right beside you’

@Happy0blong with ‘I’ve got it!’

@LillyLoveYou4 with ‘Yes I Can’

Hodder have created some gorgeous pictures featuring the winning entries and some of the others too. You can find a whole album of them on the Hodder facebook page and please do share them with your friends and loved ones if you have three little words you’d like to send their way…


2 thoughts on “Thank you for sharing your three little words…

  1. Hello Jessica thompson,
    I was wondering if this book already launched in malaysia because Im looking forward for this book after I finished read the ‘ this is love story ‘ . It was amazing feeling everytime I read it. Thanks for that 🙂 I really hope I can catch one of this piece since jessica thompson writings caught my feelings and emotions .

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