Finding inspiration in The Lake District…

I went to the Lake District last week to visit some of my family, and fell in love with it all over again.

I’ve been to the Lakes a few times to visit my brother and nephews, and I only seem to appreciate it more every time I return.

My boyfriend Andy came too. He was amazing because he patiently drove us all the way up there and back, in spite of all the cheesy songs I was playing in the car.

By Andrew Jones

By Andrew Jones

It was fantastic to see my family again, and it was also a great reminder of just how beautiful that part of the world is. Whenever I arrive in the Lakes I’m always so thankful that we have such wonderful landscapes relatively close by. We really are so lucky.

When Andy wasn’t putting himself in what I considered to be slightly nerve-wracking situations trying to get the best photos he could (one shot involved him being worringly close to a waterfall), I was relaxed enough to really enjoy our surroundings!

I also had some early ideas for book four, which I mentioned to him while he nodded and took more pictures of rolling hills and farm animals.

We went to loads of places in just a few days including Windermere, Ambleside, Coniston, Ulverston and Keswick. A big highlight was going to see Beatrix Potter’s house at Hilltop. It was so magical for me because I loved her books when I was little, particularly the Tailor of Gloucester. I have early memories of her books being read to me, and looking back, that was probably the beginning of my love of books.

By Andrew Jones

By Andrew Jones

Visiting Beatrix’s house is like stepping back in time, it has been so beautifully looked after by the National Trust.

As much as I love the city I live in, I’m so glad we got away from London for a bit to get some fresh air.

By Andrew Jones

By Andrew Jones


When we returned from the Lakes I jetted off to Belfast for a weekend with two of my lovely friends, Claire and Lucy. I hadn’t seen them since the launch of  the Three Little Words eBook earlier this year, so this was long overdue!

We went to some stunning bars including a 1940’s style cocktail lounge in a hotel, but one of my favourites had live Irish music and we ended up dancing around until we were dizzy.

Everyone in Belfast was so lovely and friendly, and I cannot wait to go back.

It was a great few days away. Time to start book four!


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