Pre-Frankfurt Book Fair drinks

On Thursday evening I was lucky enough to attend the Book to Screen drinks at Aurora in Soho, organised by my literary agency Curtis Brown.

There is a buzz in the air at the moment as the book industry prepares for the 2013 Frankfurt Book Fair (which runs from October 9 to 13) and I could certainly feel this at the drinks gathering. Aurora is a special venue, and luckily it was warm enough for us to stand in the garden amongst some twinkly lights giving the place a magical feel.

It was a great night, and an honour to speak to some inspirational authors and film producers and also to meet more of the team who work at Curtis Brown.

I found myself a bit dazzled by some of the guests, having one of those ‘is this actually happening?’ moments every now and then… My agent Sheila Crowley also represents Santa Montefiore, who looked really glamorous. Also in attendance were Emily Barr, Piers Torday and Nathan Filer among other incredible writers.

Despite the fact that I was wearing a pencil skirt (see below) that made walking, sitting, navigating stairs, and generally doing anything other than standing totally still, very difficult, I managed to shuffle my way around the room and speak to some film producers.

Selfie alert - my impractical party outfit

Selfie alert – my impractical party outfit

Everyone was lovely, and answered my many questions about everything from how producers find plots (in a range of really creative and exciting ways), to how many of those they pick up a year (one company said four to five).

I admire the films that Working Title create so I was keen to speak to them and find out what they are doing at the moment. I also told them how much I loved their recent release I Give it a Year, which had me cackling with laughter. It’s not often that you can watch a film and then compliment the creators afterwards!

The experience got me thinking once more about my books and film.

I’ve always felt that This is a Love Story in particular would translate well to screen, and I’ve thought many times about turning it into a script. I know it would be a valuable experience as a writer to turn my first book into a script, whatever the outcome.

David Nicholls who wrote One Day (one of my favourite books) also penned the script for the film starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess. The result, in my opinion, was a moving adaptation of the book and whenever I think of that it makes me want to get started on my own project.


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