Pssst! This is a Love Story special offer…

Over on Twitter I promised there would be some exciting news for those who haven’t yet read my first book This is a Love Story.

Well… Here it is. Deep breath. Drumroll please…


This is a Love Story will be available for just 99 PENCE from the Amazon Kindle shop from Tuesday November 5 until the end of the day on Monday December 2. This is part of the Kindle 100 monthly book offer.

Yes, that’s right, just ninety nine pennies!

Here are some other things you can get for 99p* (or less) that aren’t, in my opinion, anywhere near as awesome as a book.

1) Eight and a bit 12p bananas. (Lots of potassium, granted, but not as good as a book…)

2) One tin of baked beans and pork sausages. (Each to their own.)

3) One dried packet pasta meal with sauce that you just add water to. (Meh…)

4) A value pack of ready-baked Yorkshire puddings. (Are they as good as your nan’s though?)

5) A tinned fruit cocktail in syrup. (Yaaawwwwnnn.)

So there we go. It’s a whole book and it’s mega cheap. We’ve established it’s a pretty good deal.

All you have to do is head to the Kindle eBook store anytime from November 5 to December 2 and download away!

I hope you enjoy…



Did I mention it’s only 99p?

*Prices very approximate at the time of randomly Googling and for giggle purposes only.


1 thought on “Pssst! This is a Love Story special offer…

  1. Hello Jess. Let me introduce myself first. Im Nabilah and from Malaysia and I really really love this novel. I read for only 3 days because I’ve many times to spent during my semester break. And I really wish you’ll make the new novel about this. The continuous story about both of them. I want to know what happens next. Will he marry her ? Please :’)

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