‘The Waiting Game’ blog tour – August 13 to 31

My fourth novel ‘The Waiting Game’ is published this Thursday by Hodder Books.

To celebrate, we’ve got an exciting #‎TheWaitingGame‬ blog tour coming your way, starting on its release date (August 13th) and running all the way through until the end of the month.

The tour, which is planned to swing by an incredible 19 stops, features extracts from the novel, and never-seen-before complementary content, including;

  • Letters ‘between characters’ (some read, and some yet to be discovered).
  • A diary entry, giving you a closer insight into the mind of one of the book’s most mysterious characters…
  • A lead character’s rather telling school report!

The book bloggers hosting the pieces are further bringing this story to life, and I am so grateful for their support.

I hope you’re able to check out what’s happening during the blog tour, and also get to grab yourself a copy of the new book too!

A poster and full written listing below have all the details of where to head and when, to get ‘The Waiting Game’ extras…

Thank you!


August 13 – missbookworm23.blogspot.co.uk @AbbeyLouise20
August 14 – lisatalksabout.com @LJBentley27

August 15 – booksforthetrees.com @Annarobots
August 17 – reflectionsofareader.blogspot.co.uk @LeahJMoyse
August 18 – kellysbookcorner.blogspot.ie @x_kels_x
August 19 – blabberingaboutbooks.wordpress.com @BlabberingBooks
August 20 – charlenejess.wordpress.com @hellosweety26
August 22 – onmybookshelf.blog.pl @Agi_mybookshelf
August 23 – whisperingstories.com @storywhispers
August 24 – bookmoodreviews.com @bookmoodreviews
August 26 – reading-room-with-a-view.blogspot.co.uk @ReadingRoom79
August 27 – thatthingshereads.blogspot.co.uk @joanne2913
August 28 – handwrittengirl.com @handwritten
August 29 – thebookmagnet.blogspot.co.uk @wino4ever74
August 30 – escapadesofabookworm.wordpress.com @esbookworm
August 31 – reabookreview.blogspot.co.uk @bookreviewbyrea

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