The Waiting Game Blog Tour Roundup

Today is the last day of The Waiting Game blog tour, and boy has it gone fast!

I want to say a huge thank you to all the amazing bloggers who took part, hosting exclusive content and sharing some incredible reviews.

If you missed it, here’s a quick recap of each stop on the tour!

August @AbbeyLouise20

I definitely would have noticed you if you’d been out fetching something for your parents… If I’d spotted you through the dusty window of the baker’s shop where I work on a Saturday afternoon I would have certainly remembered.

First up was Abbey, with a love letter from Mick to Betsy, and her review

August @LJBentley27

“Perhaps you’ll uncover this letter, long after I’m gone and you’re moving house. You will have removed the curtains and the blinds, light will pour through the kitchen windows and you’ll spot it… You’ll make a cup of tea, and you’ll sit down read it, and you’ll be reminded of just how much I loved you.”

Lisa shared a letter from Mick to Betsy, and her thoughts on the novel.

August @Annarobots

So many kids wanted to be like Damon Albarn or Kate Moss, anything but a regular person, an accountant or a secretary. But we can’t all be models and rock stars, Nessa thought to herself. Although she was sure that if anyone could pull it off, it would be Will …

Anna posted an extract from the book, and her feedback.


In her teens she had continued to imagine how life would be when she was a ‘grown-up’. And while the planets and stars had been torn from her walls, replaced with posters of Kurt Cobain, her hopes and dreams had remained fiercely and steadily pinned to her heart.

Trish’s blog hosted an extract from The Waiting Game.

August @LeahJMoyse

My primary concern is that Jacob struggles to conform to rules and procedures that the rest of the class takes on willingly… As I’m sure you fully understand, these early habits will set a benchmark, helping him meet the expectations to be inevitably set by society throughout the rest of his education and eventually in the workplace.

Jake’s old school report, and a review were shared by Leah.

August @x_kels_x

Mick was sitting in a large chair in the living room by the window, watching the arrow of time surge forwards. A cigarette dangled between the nicotine stained fingers of his right hand, a trail of brown smoke curling into the air.

Kelly hosted an extract and a review.

August @BlabberingBooks

Nessa turned on the sound and upped the volume. So much so that the people around her stopped what they were doing and stared, disbe­lief on their faces. A couple of them said things like ‘excuse me?’ and ‘do you mind?’, but Nessa ignored them. They sounded terribly far away.  She concentrated on the screen. A woman in a navy blue suit with a brown glossy bob spoke solemnly to the camera.

Laura from Blabbering Books had an extract and a review at her stop.

August 20 – Janine Jewell @JanineJewell

Every so often a book comes along that consumes my every waking hour. This is one of those books. To say I loved it would be an understatement.

Janine shared a review at her blog stop.

August @Agi_mybookshelf

Nessa started to feel a little panicked. There were only a couple of soldiers walking in now . . . The majority of families and couples had now shuffled along to the next hangar. Things were suddenly quietening down, After five minutes or so, there were only four families left in the tent.

Agi hosted an extract and a review.

August @storywhispers

Dear Diary, I’m so angry with mum right now. I know I shouldn’t be, because she’s my mum, and she’s nice, and she tries so hard to support me. But she just drives me mad sometimes. Dad’s coming back soon, on leave, and I know exactly how it’s going to be…

A diary entry from Poppy and a review were found over at Whispering Stories.

August @ChickLitChloe

“I want you to know that I didn’t want to leave you and Poppy, alone to struggle in life.

I know you’re still angry with me. So many calls unanswered, and letters that I can only hope you’ve received and read, but have decided not to reply because you just need some time to get your head around this.”

Chloe shared a letter from Jake to Nessa, and a review.

August @ReadingRoom79

Nessa tore open the envelope and tipped it upside down. A photograph slid out and landed on the white cotton sheets. She didn’t recognise it at first, her eyes blurred with fresh tears. She turned the image upside down and blinked. It was the strangest thing: a photo of Jake – just Jake.

Over at Reading Room with a View was an extract and a review.

August @joanne2913

Eventually, Nessa reached the opening of the forest. She kept running; her feet landed on dried-out twigs and branches that crackled and crunched beneath her feet. The sunshine pierced through the canopy of trees that provided a roof of broken shelter over the forest. The light glittered, shimmering on the ground. She didn’t really know where she was going anymore. She just had to keep going. Where had the tiny figure disappeared to?

Joanne posted an extract and a review.

August @handwritten

Instead of throwing things at your head and creating cruel rhymes about you, the girls now flutter their eyelashes, pathetically. They speak to you coyly behind locker doors, giggling at everything you say, even if it’s not that funny.

Sometimes I feel like I don’t matter anymore, like you hardly notice me and I’ve melted into the background.

At Bronagh’s stop was a letter from Nessa to Will and a review.

August @wino4ever74

“Writing a book about a character returning from a tour in Afghanistan was always going to be emotional. The torment that Jake is going through is also experienced by too many of the brave men and women of our armed forces. Jake may be broken but the real Jake is still inside of him and the love he has for his family shines through every page.”

The Book Magnet posted an extract (*spoiler alert*) and a review.

August @esbookworm

Nessa stared at her daughter, slightly speechless. Her rounded childish features had been replaced with a slender, angular face that seemed to hold more wisdom than Nessa felt she possessed even now. She still had her long, Rapunzel-like tumbling hair, but she’d had a sharp, straight fringe cut in, that made her look more grown-up. Somehow she was now a young woman.

An extract and a review were published over at Escapades of a Bookworm.

August @bookreviewbyrea

“This is the first book I have ever read which is set locally to where I live and many places such as Knole Park, Ide Hill and Beckenham were mentioned all of which are places I have been on numerous occasions and this really added to the enjoyment of the book as it did make me feel more connected to the book.”

And a review could be found over at Rea’s blog.


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