Three Little Words is published in Germany…

coverI’m so excited to tell you that my second novel Three Little Words was published in Germany yesterday.

I was delighted when I saw the cover… I think the sketch-style pictures are gorgeous, there are some London landmarks on there too…

I’m really grateful to Bastei Lübbe, my publisher in Germany for giving it such a fab jacket.

The novel is called Ein Tag Im März, which translates to ‘One Day in March’.

Three Little Words was released in paperback in the UK in August this year. You can find out more about it here.


P.S If you are looking for a book bargain, my debut book This is a Love Story is still just 99p via Amazon Kindle until December 3…



Thank you for sharing your three little words…

@LillyLoveYou4's three little words...

@LillyLoveYou4’s three little words…

Since my publisher launched a Twitter competition to celebrate the UK paperback release of my second book, I’ve been smiling a lot.

And why? Because over 100 of you (wow!) took the time to Tweet the three little words that mean the most to you with the hashtag #ThreeLittleWords.

The entries were wonderful. Some were funny, others were really moving and loads of them were inspirational. If you haven’t seen them yet do have a look on Twitter. I’m sure some of them could inspire creative writing… that might be a really interesting short story writing exercise…

A massive thank you to everyone who took part, and do keep your three little words coming.

Hodder picked the five winners today and announced them on Twitter… They will soon have a copy of my second book ‘Three Little Words’ land on their doormat.

The winners are:

@annelie_rainbow with ‘dream, love, believe’

@sneezycharmed with ‘family is everything’

@jaustenrulesok with ‘right beside you’

@Happy0blong with ‘I’ve got it!’

@LillyLoveYou4 with ‘Yes I Can’

Hodder have created some gorgeous pictures featuring the winning entries and some of the others too. You can find a whole album of them on the Hodder facebook page and please do share them with your friends and loved ones if you have three little words you’d like to send their way…

Win a copy of of Three Little Words…

It’s just a week until Three Little Words comes out in the UK.

To mark the occasion, my wonderful publisher Hodder is running a competition to win copies of the book. There are five up for grabs.

All you have to do is head to Twitter and Tweet them (@HodderBooks) the three words that mean the most to you with the hashtag #ThreeLittleWords.


The competition closes on Monday and there have been so many wonderful entries already. I’ve been reading through them all and they are imaginative and inspiring. A massive thank you to everyone who has taken part so far!

Please keep them coming and be in with a chance of winning a copy of my second book…

Another book cover to share…

With Three Little Words hitting the UK shops in just a few weeks, I thought things couldn’t get much more exciting until I saw this…

Below is the cover for the Netherlands edition of Three Little Words, called ‘Vergeef Me’, which will be published by Unieboek next month.

It’s a really unusual jacket and I love it for that reason. It’s so dramatic too. Again, it’s incredible to see the different design approaches publishers take, and I appreciate them all. I’m so impressed with it, so a huge thank you to Unieboek for such a beautiful cover design.

I can’t wait to see the sample copies in the flesh!

Three Little Words - The Netherlands edition published by Uniboek

The German cover for Three Little Words…

I’m so excited to be sharing the German cover for my second book Three Little Words.

My wonderful publisher, Bastei Lubbe, did a great job with the cover for my first book This is a Love Story. They also created an awesome little promotional video for it too.

I was thrilled to bits when I saw this latest cover for the German edition of book two, and cannot wait to hold a copy in my hands!

I love the sketches of London landmarks, and the detail is beautiful. I hope you like it as much as I do!

The German cover for Three Little Words

The German cover for Three Little Words

Three Little Words launch party and Paris…

*Warning* This will be a long post, packed with pictures and words like ‘amazing’ and ‘lovely’ and ‘exciting’ because I’ve had the best seven days ever!


This time last week I was feeling REALLY nervous, but super excited about the launch party for the UK eBook of my second novel, Three Little Words. It brought back so many memories of the This is a Love Story launch. I’m glad to say it was another successful evening where I found myself, yet again, blown away by the support and kindness of my family and friends.

The event was held at The Haberdashery in Crouch End, and it’s a great venue that I would recommend to anyone looking to hold a similar party. It’s beautifully decorated, full of fairy lights (huge bonus) and provided the perfect atmosphere to celebrate book two. Food was great as well… There were some copies of the UK export edition for guests to take home on the night.

Launching a book is such a strange mix of emotions……You are delighted but nervous all at the same time. I want to thank everyone who came along on the night and made it such a fantastic evening I will never forget.

The oddest part of it all is that you work so hard to write and perfect a book, and then when it comes out it still seems like a surprise that people are reading it!

I’ve had some lovely reviews and messages about Three Little Words. It’s wonderful to hear from readers, whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter or by email, and particularly lovely to hear from those who enjoyed This is a Love Story and purchased my second book. Thanks to everyone who has got in touch about it.

As I’ve mentioned previously, Three Little Words will be published in the UK as a paperback in August this year but is available now as an eBook.

After the launch I headed to Paris with my boyfriend Andy for five days. It was wonderful! I went to Paris a few years ago but I couldn’t remember it well, so it was great to come back and really spend some time in such a magical city.

We stayed in the gorgeous Hidden Hotel near the Champs-Élysées, and packed in loads of sightseeing including visiting The Latin Quarter, Opera, Montmartre, The Louvre, The Roue de Paris and even the very top of The Eiffel Tower (I felt like I was going to faint by the way…) When we were at the top of the tower it started to snow, which was an incredible thing to see… you can just about make it out in this photo.

View from the top of the Eiffel Tower in the snow

View from the top of the Eiffel Tower in the snow

While visiting some shops, I was delighted to spot some hand made prints by Zeena Shah, who designed the cover for This is a Love Story. I picked up one of her ‘penelope pin cushions’ (below), desperate to explain the whole story to the shop keeper but held back for fear I may confuse her with my appalling French…

One of Zeena Shah's pin cushions I fell madly in love with a black and white dress (pictured below), which I found in a vintage shop in the Opera area. The detailing on it was stunning, and I just stared at it through the window slipping into a daydream! If I’m not mistaken, I think it was more than fifty years old… That really got me thinking. I thought about the woman/women who have worn it, and the memories it holds. It’s a stunning dress, so I’m glad I managed to get a photo of it to remember what it looks like!

Beautiful vintage dress

Beautiful vintage dress

I forgot how beautiful Paris is, everything about it is elegant and gorgeously presented… We had some lovely meals, and visited a really cool champagne bar that I would recommend called The Flute E’toile. Paris was a much needed break away after a really busy time, and I feel refreshed and raring to go again!

Now work continues on book three…